Why We Are Supporting the Morton & Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre: Patient Testimonial

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2001.  As the disease progressed, I found myself going from one neurologist to the next.  I was totally dissatisfied with my treatment.  My symptoms eventually progressed to the point where I could no longer walk when my medication had worn off.  Desperate, I even tried naturopathic treatments; the practitioners claimed they could cure the condition.  Finally, someone at another hospital recommended that I contact the Morton & Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre at Toronto Western Hospital.

Upon arriving at the Centre for the first time, I was greeted by a caring and professional staff.  I have been very satisfied with my treatment.  At one point, it was suggested to me that I might be a candidate for deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery. This is an operation where wires are placed into the brain and are connected to a battery pack or neurostimulator in the chest area.  I went for it.  The surgery took nearly seven hours – I was awake the whole time!  My surgery was a little different; I have two battery packs, one on each side of my chest.

DBS has changed my life.  My arms and legs function as before.  I can walk all day; I can even run again.  I can travel on public transit without falling.  It has been almost three years since I had DBS surgery.  I continue to go to the Centre twice a year.  I am very thankful to the all the staff at the Centre for their continuing care and support.

Sam Nassar
Morton & Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre

*Don’t miss a special evening with rock legend Tom Cochrane in support of the Morton & Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre at the Toronto Western Hospital. Set in the fabulous Capital Event Theatre, the event will include an open bar, great food, a silent auction and amazing entertainment. 


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